FiberSmartz Sales Commission

Dynamic Integrated and Real Time Payout Calculation Engine

FiberSmartz Sales Commission calculates Sales incentive compensation and commission payouts

The Sales Commissions project aims to provide the Sales Operations team an automated, accurate and effective mechanism to manage incentive compensation plans and calculate commission pay-outs. The payouts are being calculated by taking collation of data from multiple sources (SOV details from Salesforce, Revenue details from BRM/SAP) and then applying complex formulas to them.

The Sales Commission engine bases calculations on several parameters

The system using a central calculation logic, applies individual targets, payout weighting of multiple payout components based on users' settings to get individual monthly payouts. The calculation engine is smart enough to retrospectively re-adjust previous payouts already calculated based on changes in source data for a user for any month.

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FiberSmartz Sales Commission Benefits

  • Shortened Commissions Calculations and Pay-outs cycle: Sales Commission removes manual data collection, multiple changes in Excel sheets leading to shortened commission and Payout cycle.
  • Reduced Manual Errors and Improved accuracy: Increases accuracy and reduces requests for adjustments and handling exceptions due to the removal of manual updates in Excel sheets for each sales person - which is usually the norm. This removes additional manual checks and validations which have to be done when multiple manual changes in data and formula are present for each user.
  • Enhanced reporting and trend analysis: Detailed Payout breakdown reports for Leads/Administrators as well as individual Payout component breakdowns for Sales Reps. Sales Reps/Leads can plan their year using predictive analysis for future months. The Administrator can also view the usage trend to analyse the portal usage across days and months.

Key Features & Functionality

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