FiberSmartz Pricing Portal

A Dynamic Pricing Engine with Hierarchical Workflow Management

FiberSmartz Pricing Portal makes quote generation faster and easier

Pricing Portal is an intelligent web based application that makes the entire quote generation process much easier, quicker and efficient. Different users are able to query and compare pricing information simultaneously in an effective workflow. An extensive product catalogue is maintained and Special pricing approvals can now be accessed in a matter of seconds at the click of a button.

Handles millions of records and all quotes are stored in a central repository

The information on quotes is readily available along with all quotes being stored in a central location. The Pricing Portal has the capability to handle millions of records for Local Loop products and configured product combinations.

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FiberSmartz Pricing Portal Benefits

  • Empowering the Sales Team: To fetch prices, including discounts at the click of a button as compared to referring multiple Excel sheets and following up over email for discounts and special price approvals.
  • Faster quotation process:Creation of a web based application to make the quote generation process quicker, easier, efficient and more streamlined.
  • Simultaneous price queries and workflows: Provides a facility for multiple users to simultaneously query and compare pricing information in an effective workflow.
  • Central repository for quotations: Maintaining a central repository of the generated quotes for reference, forecasting and reporting.
  • Expedited special pricing approvals: Makes the process of Special pricing approval quick and efficient.
  • Integrated system: Integration with internal and external applications built around the system architecture.
  • Access to local loop prices: Quick access to local loop price records.

Key Features & Functionality

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