FiberSmartz Service Availability Matrix (SAM)

Real Time Service Availability Interface

FiberSmartz Service Availability Matrix projects real-time availability of services

A telecom organization typically establishes its infrastructure and provides services which run on the infrastructure. However the service is always subject to availability. The services will have a cost and their prices contribute to revenues. Your product team will define the network infrastructure and its availability which is called Service Availability. This availability is typically defined in the Service Availability Matrix which will be uploaded frequently to the portal. The prices and costs definition will be typically done by the Pricing Team.

An easy way to manage service availability information

The Service Availability Matrix application provides an interface to manage the service availability information and provide services which can be integrated with the existing systems built around the system architecture.

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FiberSmartz Service Availability Matrix Benefits

  • Real time Availability Status: The application can manage information about services provided by Product, Pricing, Sales, and Engineering and Provisioning teams.
  • Central Management of Services by various teams: The Product Management team can use this well organized, updated and integrated system to manage service availability of different services.
  • Integrated system: Integrated system can communicate with various external systems to outline the service availability status based on selected parameters.
  • Reducing manual efforts: The application does away with the effort of updating the service availability matrix manually which is prone to errors and is time consuming.
  • Centralized repository of the available services: Provides a centralized location to store and display the real time availability status of the different services simultaneously.

Key Features & Functionality

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