FiberSmartz Electronic Sales Order Form

Intuitive and Collaborative Electronic Sales Order Form Workflow Management

FiberSmartz Electronic Sales Order Form (eSOF) turns approvals into automated workflows

eSOF is a web based application to create electronic signed order forms. This web application can replace the manual process of approvals with automated workflows with tasks for the relevant departments getting populated based on a specific condition. The system allows different users to maintain consistency and quality across all products and departments.

Signed order forms maintained at central repository for easy access

The system provides concise and improved PDF order forms for customer signatures and all the signed order forms are maintained at a centralized repository used for future forecasting. The system is well versed to integrate with various internal and external applications.

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Netsmartz Highlights

  • Intelligent web based electronic order forms: Provides intelligent web based forms for the creation of Sales Orders with required checks in place for ease of use, minimizing errors and avoiding redundancies.
  • Integrated systems for smooth information flow: Eliminates re-entering of data by tightly integrating the quotations with eSOF and provisioning process (OSS).
  • Collaborative workflows: Provides a collaborative workflow driven application that involves electronic approvals and inputs from various departments such as Solution Engineers, Finance and Legal teams.
  • Maintains history of the sales order in a centralized repository: Provides the Order Desk an electronically approved eSOF with a complete history to significantly reduce the dependency on emails and attachments.
  • Concise and meaningful signed order form for the customer: Reduces the size and contents of the Sales Order Form that gets printed for customers to 2 pages or less with additional information to be printed as a supplement if needed.
  • Automatic PDF generation for customer signature: Automatic creation of customer signature ready PDF with the sales order data.

Key Features & Functionality

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