Case Study: Fibertech Networks

How we seamlessly integrated 52 workflows into Fibersmartz for Fibertech Networks – resulting in reduced operating costs, greater operational efficiency and a more consistent quality of service to Fibertech's customers.

Company background

Fibertech Networks, a leading Fiber company, provides dark and lit services throughout the Eastern and Central United States. Founded in 2000 to provide infrastructure to CLEC's serving medium-size cities, Fibertech began building fiber optic networks in Upstate New York and parts of Massachusetts.
Thirteen years forward, Fibertech operates metro networks in 28 markets with over 6,000 route miles of fiber to provide services to carriers, enterprises, colleges and universities, major health care facilities, and state and local government agencies.

The Challenge

Fibertech's healthy year-over-year growth was placing a tremendous strain on the company's operations. Hiring additional personnel was their answer to each new large contract. The company did not have a central storage system for customer records; each department kept their own records in file cabinets or Excel spreadsheets. Redundancy of tasks across departments was widespread and tracking orders was time consuming and cumbersome. Fibertech knew that to stay ahead in the competitive Telecom sector you have to provide customers with fast, flexible and cost effective solutions. The company's

management team recognized that to continue building their business and to stay competitive, they needed to streamline and automate their back office operations. Fibertech evaluated both off-the shelf and expensive customized Telecom solutions. While many of these products proved robust, none of them were a true fit for a Fiber company. Fibertech's management team determined that the best way to get a system that was scalable, cost effective and could be easily adapted to their existing workflow was to engage a partner to build it.

The Solution

After a rigorous RFP process, Fibertech chose Netsmartz to develop and implement their solution. Aware of other solutions Netsmartz had built for the Telecom industry, Fibertech was comfortable that Netsmartz understood their business culture, and as a result, would be able to work effectively with them from day one.

With input from Fibertech, Netsmartz developed and successfully implemented FiberSmartz at Fibertech. The system is a seamlessly integrated, end-to-end Operational Support System that provides visibility into business processes and resource utilization.

The Approach

Netsmartz established a team to work with Fibertech to undertake the following tasks:

  • Diplomatically obtain buy-in from each Fibertech staff member
  • Document by department, the tasks and workflow associated with each of Fibertech's service offerings
  • Define the requirements for a detailed and flexible analytical reporting system
  • Analyze legacy systems and develop an integration plan
  • Assess Fibertech's future needs

Key Benefits

  • Unified and more agile business
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Provisioning is 35% more effective
  • Flexible service models for outsourcing projects
  • Internal processes are more transparent
  • Network problems are resolved with greater accuracy and speed
  • Affordable solution

The Outcome

Using FiberSmartz, Fibertech seamlessly integrated 52 workflows which has significantly reduced their operating costs, eliminated redundancy and eliminated the need to hire additional personnel when new contracts are acquired. The FiberSmartz workflow system has automated Fibertech's day-to-day operations pertaining to the delivery of dark and lit fiber services, all the while saving users of the system time by organizing tasks and capturing detailed information from order entry to project completion.

John K. Purcell
President and CEO,
Fibertech Networks

"The FiberSmartz OSS was exactly what we needed here at Fibertech. It has reduced our operating costs and helped us provide a higher and more consistent quality of service. The Netsmartz OSS has us well positioned to serve existing customers and to add new ones. And the best part: Netsmartz delivered the entire system on time and on budget. We are delighted with the results."


Drew Mullin
Director of Product Management and Development,
Fibertech Networks

"The FiberSmartz team of managers took the time to understand our pain points and processes. In the end, that's what made the difference. They've got a combination of business and technical understanding that's difficult to find. We look forward to partnering with them on future projects."